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Guide to collar sizes



Hole positions (total length*)

23 - 27 cm (30 cm)
25 - 31 cm (35 cm)
30 - 36 cm (40 cm)
34 - 42 cm (45 cm)

Typically suits:

Italian greyhound
Smaller / medium whippet
Medium / larger whippet
Lurcher / greyhound

Velveteen Hound

Hole positions are measured from the butt end of the collar to each hole. We recommend using an existing collar to choose the size of your collar. Using your existing collar measure the distance from the butt of the collar (shown as A) to the hole currently used (shown as B).. For the best fit, choose a collar with the neck size (hole measured) towards the middle of the hole positions - for example the hole on your collar is at 28 cm, choose the Small Collar (25 - 31 cm).

*Total length refers to length of collar. (A to C)